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Luis de Lucena wrote REPETICON DE AMORES E ARTE DE AXEDREZ (1497). The third landmark in the early chess books - new revelations and explanations and result of research on its hitherto unknown authors.

Among other works never before translated or published are some twenty 15th/16th century chess writings unearthed from the Vatican Museum Library.

The catalogue of newly researched chess translations and history abounds throughout the book.

Literary contributions to chess include Moses Safardi; Salomon ben Aderet; Nathan ben Yechia (1103) (Dictionary of Talmud and Aramaic chess words); Yehuda Ha-Levi (1140 approx [Ha-Kusari]); Maimonides (1035-1164 [Forced Mate]); Bar Hillya (astronomy); Rashi (11th Century); Joseph Isserles (1573); Leon di Modena (1571-1648); Eichenbaum (19th Century); etc.

Description of the Charlemagne chess sets and history, the Cluny Museum and Gragoman's connection with Charlemagne and Haroun al-Rashi.

De Ludis Orientalibus by Sir Thomas Hyde, 1694 (Oxford). The mother of all chess histories, never before translated into English (in early modern English). The book with its substantial sections written in Latin and Hebrew and here transcribed into colloquial English.

Chess: Its Origins Volume II - Section 1 Continued...

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